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About me
Choose a pool type
There is a big difference between your inflatable kiddie-pool and a sturdy above-ground pool made of top-quality materials that can last for as long as thirty years with the right installation, care, maintenance and cleaning. But there are plenty on intermediary options that can provide specific advantages.

Some can be easily disassembled and stowed for the summer, allowing you to make use of the space during the off seasons. Others are more permanent due to their sturdy steel or non-corrosive aluminum structures and, even though they could be relocated, are more likely to remain where they are.

Determine a wall height
The next important consideration will be the height of the wall, the deepest models can be as deep as 54 inches and manufacturers recommend keeping the water levels around 5 inches below the brim of the pool. The question will be answered by the height of the people who will be bathing, while no one will be diving into this depth, some smaller children will find 50 inches to be well over their head. Furthermore, it is easier to sit in a shallow pool and sometimes that is all you want anyway.


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